What are some fun activities indoors with your child during COVID-19?

Due to the coronavirus, many activities and learning are difficult for our children. At such times, parents should be interested in their children’s learning and physical activities through various internal and external activities. So, here’s a look at indoor fun games for kids who have limited outdoor activities due to Corona 19.

1. Building Blocks

Recommended age range: 5-8 years old

Playing with blocks is great for children’s little muscle development. It is still difficult for young children to do delicate activities with their hands.

Playing with blocks naturally helps develop small muscles. Using a lot of hands is good for brain development. Because it’s a game that moves your hand. The child’s brain works hard.

Playing with blocks is good for concentration, and you can learn colors by looking at different colors. Playground, home, zoo, anything your child can imagine. Block play is a multipurpose play that allows you to play indoors with better imagination and role play.

Find the right blocks for your kids

2. Matching Puzzle Game

Recommended age range: 5-8 years old

In puzzle games, children feel a sense of accomplishment by matching them to the desired place, piece by piece. And Improves eye-hand coordination. Children use puzzles to see pictures and shapes and understand the shape of objects according to their location. You have the ability.

Children get to know the relationship between each piece and put the puzzle together. That is why children develop the ability to locate the pieces. Matching puzzles develop visual and perceptual skills. It builds concentration and increases endurance for children who are tired of it. Children can learn the difference between shapes and develop colors.

■Recommended puzzles by age group
100P: 5-6 years old
200P: 6-7 years old
300P: 8 years old or older

Choose a puzzle that fits your child’s age.

3. Bowling Game

Recommended age range: 5-8 years old

For a healthy lifestyle for children, they need to move as much indoors as possible. At least 60 minutes of activity every day keeps children’s hearts healthy and bones strong. Easily exercise indoors through indoor bowling games.
*Required items: 10 empty plastic bottles, small balls
*Game preparation: Set up 10 plastic bottles and roll the ball to defeat them.

Teach your kids how to play bowling. Having fun with parents improves children’s sense of achievement.

If you don’t have a bottle, you can also purchase a mini bowling game set and enjoy it.

4. Making Toy Cookies

Recommended age range: 6-10 years old

Try making fun cookies indoors for kids with no outdoor activities. Make fun shaped cookies such as animal, fish, sun, and stars. Children’s satisfaction increases when they make cookies with their parents. Click here for the cookie making process.

You can also purchase and enjoy various sets of fun animal shapes and alphabet letters.

5. Fun Action Play

Recommended age range: 5-9 years old

It is a card game that the whole family can enjoy.
Each family member creates a card by writing a gesture on the index card.
You will be filled with fun and laughter as you watch other family members do the actions written on the cards.

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