Here are 7 Fun Camping Activities For Your Kids


When your kids hear that they will be going on a camping trip, what is their usual reaction? Of course, they are happy and excited, right? The reason why kids always look forward to camping is that it is one of those activities where they can learn and have fun at the same time.

Truly, camping is an amazing way to let your kids gain fun and learning experiences. When you go camping with your kids near a mountain, a lake, a park, or a beach, you are all exposed and immersed in the beauty of nature and its wonderful treasures.


To make your camping getaway more exciting and more meaningful for your kids, here are 7 fun camping activities that you have to include in your itinerary:

1,Nature Collector’s Hunt

Also known as the Scavenger’s Hunt, the Nature Collector’s Hunt is an amazing camping activity that will surely light up your kid’s discovering, gathering, and learning skills. This is also very easy to prepare since you will only need to draw or print out a single page filled with 10 to 15 images of everything your kids can find within your camping premises.

If you are camping near a mountain or wildlife area, you can include images of leaves, twigs, stones, and insects. If you are camping near the beach, you can include images of shells, stones, sand, and small fish. The goal of the Nature Collector’s Hunt is for your kids to gather and collect every image that is included in the list. The one who wins the activity is the one who completes the entire list.

2, Bird Sighting

Birds are almost everywhere, right? Since birds are amazing creatures that can be easily and safely spotted during camping trips, you can let your kids do a Bird Sighting or Bird Watching activity. All you have to prepare are binoculars for your kids and some pen and paper for them to draw or describe all the birds that they will be able to see the entire time.

After that, tell your kids to keep their drawings and descriptions and when you all go home after the trip, you can help them discover the names and types of the birds that they saw.

Get help if you need binoculars.

3, Super S’mores

Is there a better way to end a fun and exciting camping day with a bonfire and some super delicious s’mores? Let your kids have fun learning how to cook s’mores with a Super S’mores session by the bonfire after eating dinner.

What you are going to need are big marshmallows and some long bamboo barbecue sticks (make sure to tell your kids not to play carelessly with the sticks) to stick the marshmallows on.

After setting a bonfire, let your kids gather around and melt their marshmallows by the fire. Once the marshmallows are brown and a bit melted, let your kids indulge in their yummy s’mores.

4, Camping Sports Fest

Let your kids get active and competitive with a mini Camping Sports Fest, also known as Camping Olympics. When your kids hear Sports Fest or Olympics, they will definitely think about running, jumping, playing, and having pure fun.

First, you have to make a shortlist of all the games or activities that you are going to hold in your Camping Sports Fest. You can include tug-of-war, race, long jump, collect the flags, and more.

You just have to make sure that all the supplies needed for each game are complete. Also, bring extra sports clothing for your kids! At the end of the Camping Sports Fest, make sure to award the winners with fun camp-related prizes.


5, Star Gazing

When you live in the metro, it is almost impossible to see stars at night. But, when you go on a camping trip, nature will allow you and your kids to see the clear skies at night and gaze at thousands of beautiful stars.

All you have to do is to set up mats, blankets, and some snacks under a canopy-less area within the camping premises where you can clearly see the sky. Once your kids are all comfortable, let them gaze at the stars and pick their favorite stars. You can also print out or draw constellations on paper and let them find the constellations in the sky.

6, I Spy

When your kids are relaxing after playing other more active games during the camp time, you can beat the boredom by playing a game of I Spy.

This classic relaxing yet brain-stimulating game can be more meaningful for y0ur kids when they play it with the nature around them. There are no materials and supplies needed! Just their eyes and sense of sight.

All the kids will have their moment to give hints on the thing they select within sight and when it is their turn, they will say “I spy with my little yet amazing eyes, something_____________”. Then, all the other kids will take guesses and the one who guesses right first wins a snack prize.

7, Nature Park Ranger

With similarities to the game of freeze tag, the Nature Park Ranger will let your kids have fun in nature.

This game is better played with a large group so that a lot of kids will have fun during the entire time. The Nature Park Ranger game will involve boundaries, trees, and animals and will strengthen the listening and running skills of your kids.

.Nature Park Ranger


With these fun camping activities for your kids, the bond between them and nature will surely grow stronger. Once your kids experience the beauty and wonder of nature through camping, they will learn to appreciate the environment and take care of it through their own simple ways, especially as they grow.

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