Top 10 Activities for Kid to Keep Them Busy During the Summer

Summer is a time for kids to have fun and explore their creativity. With that said, it’s also important to keep them occupied with activities so they don’t turn into little monsters by the end of summer vacation. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Activities for Kids during the Summer:

Ages 3-5

1. Play with water in the garden, or fill a bucket and pour it over yourself! This is a great way to cool off on hot days, and kids will have loads of fun getting wet.

2. Set up an obstacle course in your backyard. Make sure you include some challenges that require balance! For example, try balancing on one leg for as long as possible. You can use things like chairs or piles of laundry to build the course, too – be sure not to leave any sharp objects behind so kids don’t hurt themselves if they fall off their perch!

3. Create a fort out of blankets and pillows where all the toys are stored inside (remember to tell kids not to take anything out of the fort without asking, or they’ll have a hard time putting it all back!)

Ages: 11-12

A fort is a great place for kids to spend hours of summer fun. They can play games, read books or relax there and watch TV if they want!

1 – Building an obstacle course out of chairs and laundry piles in your backyard

Building an obstacle course out of chairs and laundry piles in your backyard is a fun way to keep kids occupied on a sunny summer day. You can even have them help you build the obstacles, so they feel like they’re part of the game! They’ll love trying to get from one end to the other as fast as possible, but they may need some help if there are any difficult parts along the way. Once you’ve finished, it’s also great for having races with friends or siblings too.

2 – Hula hooping

Kids will be able to spend hours at home with their family just Hoola hoop around together before getting bored – or running out of breath. Make sure you’re all on the same wavelength before buying your hoop, or it could end up being a little awkward when they present their gift to you, and you go to give them yours!

3 – Planning an escape room for friends

An escape room is one way that kids can get involved in mystery-solving activities during these long summer days. Kids love puzzles – so much so that there are puzzle games specifically designed just for children who love solving mysteries too (like “The Great Pudding Caper”). To make things even more interesting, set up a few challenges beforehand with some clues hidden around the house related to each challenge. Then see if your child has what it takes to solve every last one by themselves.

4 – Build a fort

This is not just for the kids – parents can also help out with this one, and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon playing hide-and-seek inside or outside, depending on what type of space you have available at home.

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5 – Hide and seek

Whether they’re hunting for their own favorite hiding spot like under chairs in the living room or finding creative new spots altogether, kids will enjoy spending hours running around looking for each other. One tip? Try putting some snacks close by so they don’t get too hungry while they play!

6 – Make a sandcastle

This is one of the most iconic summer activities for kids, and there’s no better time to try it out than when you have nowhere else to be! Find an empty spot on the beach or in your backyard with soft enough ground, fill up two buckets with sand (one wetter than the other), add some water if needed, then let them go wild, molding their creations as they wish.

7 – Have a water balloon fight

Grab the spoons, grab some friends, and have an epic water balloon fight! The more people you invite over for this one, the better. Set up two teams on either end of your yard or street with plenty of buckets filled to the brim with balloons ready to be thrown at each other; once all parties are set up, let it begin!

8 – Go camping

Did you know that kids can go out and camp too? It’s true! Pack up your tent, load it into the car, and head to a nearby state park or forest. Pitch your tent in either dirt or sand (depending on what surface is available), light a fire for cooking food over, roast some marshmallows, and spend the night under the stars without any cares in the world.

9 – Play flashlight tag

is a great game for kids to play during the nighttime. It’s easy, all you need is a dark backyard (or any other area with no lights) and your trusty flashlight. One player starts off as it by turning on their flashlight; whoever he tags needs to freeze in place until they’re free again

10- Make a fort

Forts are fun for kids and adults alike. They’re also easy to make, too: all you need is some sheets or blankets, some chairs, and any other clutter that can be used as walls. Now get creative! Think about what kind of fort would suit the area – an igloo in the snow? A pirate ship on dry land? A spaceship on Mars? The possibilities are endless!

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