What are some of the activities that children on Earth Day should do?


The concept started after the devastating impact of the massive oil spill in Santa Barbara. After that, Senator Nelson organized Earth Day to create awareness for our surroundings and teach people not to take the privileges of Earth for granted.

Although Earth day has a profound meaning, many people prefer to recycle to do their part of the job every year. Teachers and parents get on to incorporating kid activities for Earth Day [https://kidsplayboxes.com/] to help create a foundation for your kids.

Here is a list of the best kid activities for Earth Day that can help convey the message in the most fun way possible.

1.Create Art Projects

Creating art projects is an excellent way to keep kids engaged in the ideas of Earth Day. There is something about painting the earth green and blue while teaching the children about how the world isn’t the same anymore. This will help create awareness for the issues that are also far away or not related to the children.

If you are not sure about what creative craft to indulge your kids in, you can always count on playdough to bring out the inner artist in your kids. It is a simple yet fun way to create your own mini Earth. Another thing you can do is to use a coffee filter, marketers, and spray water bottle to allow your kids to scribble and lightly mist water to see the colors spread. Considering how it isn’t just plain drawing, it will be more likely to make everyone participate.

2.Visit Virtual National Parks

Earth Day is incomplete without paying a visit to any national park. However, considering the pandemic, you can access the parks at the moment. Therefore, you can discover some national parks like the Grand Canyon that allow you to visit the park’s beautiful birds virtually. Besides that, there are nearly 62 national parks in the United States and numerous active volcanoes in Hawaii that are ready to view on a virtual tour.

3.Neighborhood Safari

This idea came from National Geographic that allows kids to participate in creating the same thing actively. You can either go for your favorite animals or anything that describes the concept of Earth Day to you. Then courage your kids to show their creative side by drawing or painting it. Once that is done, hand the masterpiece in your winder and go on a neighborhood safari. Kids can point out and even start a conversation about the idea behind the images and learn through their conversations.

Don’t forget to tag your child’s creation on social media and create awareness among your followers.

4.Go Paperless for a Day

One way or the other, we always end up using tons of paper daily. Whether it is the magazine, comics, or school homework worksheets, there is always paper everywhere that eventually ends up being in the trash. On earth day, you and your family can reflect on paper wastage and make each person vow not to do that particular act for the rest of their lives. For instance, your husband can skip the daily newspapers and go for apps or sites like Google [https://news.google.com/topstories?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US:en] and Apple News [https://www.apple.com/apple-news/] instead.

You can twitch to your e-books, and your children can write assessments and homework online and email it to their teachers. You can make a tremendous difference by changing one thing at a time and making an effort to improve the environment.

5.Trash Clean-Up

This is when you teach your children to which extent they should go to keep the Earth clean. Grab a few trash bags and gloves and hit a nearby beach or dutch that needs some cleaning decluttering. You don’t have to get into nasty objects; simply picking up the plastics would do the trick.

This will help keep your kids down to earth and understand the importance of having a clean environment. By doing this, they will also be aware not to throw trash on the road and be thoughtful of their surroundings. However, make sure you are taking care of dangerous items like broken glass and cigarettes to keep your child from danger.

Once you have collected the plastic, don’t forget to recycle it as this is something not many people do.

6.Try some scrumptious vegan cuisine

Nothing is better than a good family time in cooking. Luckily, you and your family can indulge in some scrumptious plant-based cuisine [https://www.forksoverknives.com/how-tos/plant-based-primer-beginners-guide-starting-plant-based-diet/] that will not just allow you to have the time of your life but reduce your carbon footprint too.

Research a food recipe that you can enjoy eating and, most importantly, cooking to make the most out of Earth Day. You can go the extra mile and hoot videos to your cookbook of your favorite recipes. Other than that, this way, you will always be able to teach your kids the importance of storing food and using only the required ingredient to make the food.

Some of the food preserving techniques like drying, freezing, canning, and pickling can instantly help your kids grab the idea better.

7.Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Thinking of teaching your kid without making it sound too hard? Earth Day Scavenger Hunt is the way to go. Hide items like leaves, flowers, plastic, and pinecones to write or draw (depending on your kid’s age) clues that will force their little brains to think outside the box and understand their role in improving the environment. For instance, if you have hidden a plastic bottle, you can give clues like “this is something you must always recycle), if they can get the answer, know your Earth Day has been successful.

8.Start a Petition for your local government to start a garden

Starting a garden can be a great way to make an impact and have fun at the same time. If you can’t go door-to-door due to the pandemic, there are numerous ways you can get people to sign up for your petition online [https://petition.parliament.uk/] which can help add weight to your words.

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